Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday musings

I was very happy to find out that "scrapbooking celebrity" Cathy Zielske was blogging again. I just love her writing style and take on things. Her voice really comes through in her writing. And this post really moved me. It is all about not taking the important people in your life for granted, and taking advantage of the moments before they are gone. What a coincidence that I just had this exact conversation with a mom of a student at school yesterday. I was telling her about my trip to visit Kristi in Colorado before they left for Australia and she told me a story about how she will always regret not making time to go visit an old friend who had cancer before she died. The saddest part was that this mom had finally scheduled a trip to go visit her friend and the friend died just a few days before she arrived. Not that I'll never see Kristi again, but it is just all about seizing the moment and keeping ahold of those connections. I am not so good at this - especially with friends. Bill and I are much more homebodies than social creatures, so we're more likely to stay in on any given night than call up a friend and go hang out. But that means that I've lost track of what is really happening in so many friends' lives. I think that making connections with the people I love needs to be another new year's resolution for 2007. Also, I just have to add that the great quote Kathy mentions in the blog post was framed hanging in Kristi and Josh's home. Weird.
So, mom and Bethany are here from Des Moines helping us pack and generally hanging out. We have already filled so many boxes and not really made a dent. Ack. At least it feels like we are making some progress by filling up boxes. I took them (and my MIL) to go see the house yesterday. It was so great to get inside it again and see it without the owners' furniture all around. Although it made me realize we SO don't have enough furniture to fill it. Well, that will come in time. Last night I made cream of potato soup for dinner - I'm on the road to actually preparing meals on a regular basis. Yeah, me!

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing her post with us, Kirsten.

    We do need to get together soon, don't we!? :-)