Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Signs of Spring

Last week was a *long* and *messy* one at school and by the time I got home on Friday, all I wanted was a cold beer. Ever have a day like that? Anyway, after I took a few moments to get into weekend mode, I started to notice some signs of spring around our yard. Look at these green leaves sprouting up. Yippee!
Apparently Cleo is feeling the same excitement for getting outside to enjoy spring because she has been attempting everything she can to escape the safety of the the house.
This sweet little bird came in the mail Friday from Wendy, which helped very much to cheer me up, and she looks great on our kitchen windowsill.

This was one of those weekends when I had no schedule, but a big to-do list. I worked on a project for an upcoming class at Reminisce, finally unpacked and did laundry from our vacation, put away some winter clothes, and I started working on a couple hand-carved stamps for upcoming mail art swaps. I took a trip to the grocery store, bank, gas station, Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price frames... I even made time to work out, make muffins a la Rachel, and finish reading The Poisonwood Bible, which I started on spring break. All in all, a very productive weekend, which puts me in a better frame of mind to start this week.


  1. Just imagine what you could have done if you HAD put a plan together and a schedule for the weekend?! Good gracious you're a freaking maniac!! :-) Makes my 'sit around drinking wine' weekend seem pretty darn un-productive!

    Still waiting to see what happens with the '1in squares' project,

  2. PS - Your green leaves pictures look a lot like Tulips. Should be interesting to see what colors you got!
    Josh and Kristi

  3. I think after being so productive, I may want to schedule a "sit around drinking wine" weekend soon. Sounds good! I decided to send my 1" squares on as is - I liked them, and didn't want to wreck anything by overdoing it.