Saturday, October 13, 2007

Still here!

Just busy being pregnant! It sure wears you out! I am 13 weeks along and finally coming out of the constantly exhausted stage. I was lucky enough to miss out on the morning sickness, so I can't complain. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat on Monday at an appointment with the midwife. That was SO exciting. Really made it feel *real*! Does that mean it's time to start shopping? Hee hee...

Also keeping busy with work and the artsy hobbies. I made my first sock monkey last weekend and I *might* be addicted. Also making lots of jewelry with Wendy for the shop and a couple great custom orders. Also formulating some class ideas for the next go around at Reminisce and organizing an Arbonne party at my house on Thursday. Phew - I guess I better get back to tackling my to-do list! Here are a few of my favorite "non-kid" photos from Preucil lately.


  1. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that growing another person would make you tired. ;-) Eat healthy, take care of yourself and enjoy the experience! We're thinking of you from down here.

  2. I love that you are going to a midwife. How very Iowa City of you. :-) I miss you and would love to see you soon!! Let's get together (yeah yeah yeah). I'll have to tell you my Drive-By Truckers story. Hope you had a nice party.

    :-) d.