Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stopped by Reminisce today to pick up some layouts and other stuff I
had left there, and to get some solid color cardstock, in anticipation
of not being able to run over and grab it once they're gone. Still
feeling quite sad, especially for Lisa and the other Reminisce
employees having to deal with the large mess of closing down all
aspects of the store (not to mention the impending floodwater).

Also having a not-so-small panic attack because my MacBook froze up
this morning and will now only show me a dismal looking screen with a
question mark on it. I'll be taking it to the Mac doctor on Friday -
Thank goodness for the iPhone until then. Keep your fingers crossed
that I'll be able to recover my photos at the very least!

I'm sure that my laptop woes are very insignificant compared to the
loss of property that is and will continue to happen all around us due
to the flooding this week, so I am certainly counting my blessings
that we are high enough to be dry.

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