Sunday, September 28, 2008

dino in the Wild

We had a little gathering of Reminisce gals (+ my mom) yesterday at our house, and I decided to work on this special gift for my nephew who is having his 5 year old birthday party today.
I made a dinosaur "tooth fairy pillow" that can hold the tooth safely while he waits for the tooth fairy to come pick it up. I remember mine from when I was little - it was a bear with a pocket. I know some people have a little box - Bill says he had a special pillowcase for his regular pillow with a little pocket. So, every time he lost a tooth, he got to put his tooth fairy pillowcase, and it was a big deal! Fun stuff - those memories really stick with you. I hope that Jake will like this one! I think it turned out mighty cute, especially considered I made it up as I went along!


  1. it turned out so so cute!! you are so crafty!

  2. I am so impressed! Jake will love it!I love watching that polka-dot fabric reappear in your work.

  3. Rachel7:28 AM

    so adorable!! and such a cute idea!!
    Sorry I didn't make it...I was a little "tired" and sun-burned (raccoon eyes!).