Monday, September 29, 2008

Week in the Life

I decided to play along with Ali Edwards (along with hundreds of other fans, I'm sure) and document "a week in the life", today through Sunday. I think this week will be great because we have lots of ordinary things in our schedule happening, along with a trip to Philadelphia at the end of the week, with some opportunities to document our travels.
You should play along! My main goal right now is to keep my camera with me as much as possible and to get a self-portrait every day. Maybe I will even get a blog post up every day. Hmmm... There's a Flickr group for sharing, too.
Today I got to stop by and visit Wendy in her lithography classroom (did you know that the Iowa Studio Arts department is all set up in the old Menards because of the flood? Kinda crazy and a little cool at the same time). I am jealous that she's taking a printmaking class - but can't believe how much she has on her plate right now - working on her PhD, teaching UNI Art Ed. students. She is totally brave and of course doing a great job at it all! We decided we're going to have a crafty open house on Saturday, December 6th to sell some of our homemade goodies - so mark your calendars for some good shopping opportunities!

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