Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Update

Thanks to everyone for your helpful advice! I wish we could get a dog
to handle the bunnies, but I think a toddler, a garden, and a husband
are enough for me to take care of this summer! I went with a chicken
wire fence and marigolds to plant along the fence. I even found a couple plants called "Bunnies Be Gone " at Menard's, so I thought I'd plant one on each end of the fence. Maybe that will discourage them from making the jump over the stone walls on the side? Who knows. All I do know is I have invested enough time and money now that I am committed to making it work this summer!


  1. That is a big garden. Can't wait to watch it grow. Looks like you have a very special helper!

  2. your helper is a cutie pie:)

  3. From experience, I don't think pooches really help that much anyway. Sounds like you're doing all you can! Good luck, and if all else fails, bunnies ARE pretty cute.