Sunday, May 10, 2009

I had a lovely Mother's Day today - I hope all the other mothers who are reading did, too. We went to church, then straight to lunch with Bill's brother and his family. On the way home we stopped to pick up some seeds and seedlings for our garden.

This will be the third summer we've owned our home. We have a wonderful garden spot at the end of the house, which I am determined to tend successfully this summer. The first year we were here, I did plant some things, but I was just overwhelmed in general with taking care of the yard and the house and didn't keep up with it. Last year I had a newborn, so gardening wasn't really a high priority.

I am definitely a gardening novice, so I'm going to read about it and have a go at it! I want my own kids to know how to grow things and enjoy doing it, so I need to get a head start on learning about it myself!

I planted sunflowers and zinnias, tomatoes, peppers, a couple kinds of squash, big orange pumpkins and little white pumpkins. I'd like to still put in some zucchinni, too. What I'm worried about are the sneaky rabbits who live in our yard. I have a feeling they're going to treat the garden like a buffet! Any tips, experienced gardeners?

Also, there are two little spots in front of our basement windows that I'd like to tackle next. They're looking pretty horrble right now. I'm thinking about putting perennials in there. Any suggestions for what to put in? I don't want it to be anything too tall so that light can still get through to the windows. Thanks for your help!


  1. Aww bunnies!!! That doesn't help, does it? =) I jsut came by to check out your birthday banner tutorial. It's wonderful! I'd love to link to it if you didn't mind.

  2. Its killing me we don't have our garden in yet, kudos to you! You should plant some herbs, they're really easy - even from seeds.

  3. I love gardening, especially if we have a huge space like yours.

  4. My aunt had a huge garden and they have to keep out rabbits and dear and such. They use a type of electric fence. You get them at a home improvement store or nursery. Basically they are two wires run low to the ground and then hooked up to a unit that runs low voltage through the wires. One wire is a ground and when the animal touches both wires they get a small shock. It does not harm the animals, just scares them away.

    Other than some other kind of chicken wire all the way around I am not entirely sure what else you can do. There are some products your sprinkle or spray on the ground but you have to reapply them every few days.

    Good luck.

    P.S. loved your post about the birthday banner!


  5. plant marigolds around the edge of your garden. Rabbits don't like them- we did this growing up in the country and it seemed to work! Your garden looks fabulous!!