Thursday, May 14, 2009

random stuff!

First, you must go watch a slideshow of more Lachlan pics on Shelley's blog. She's so amazing, and seriously, he IS the cutest baby EVER (duh).
He loves to go outside and wander around, and recently he has been walking into the garage and going straight for the recycle bins. He knows where to find the fun stuff!

Speaking of wandering around, check out these adorable new shoes! They're See Kai Run.
Here are a few frames I made as a Mother's Day gift! Now that I got the latest Studio Calico kit in the mail, and I have all these new great photos of Lachlan, I am really feeling the itch to scrapbook!
This was the first quilt I ever made, in high school, with my grandmother's help. It's been hanging on a railing in our loft for months. I only realized that it had faded so much (one side has a big window) when I took it down to wash it. I guess my plan is to hang it back up, but with the opposite side facing out?

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