Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi there! Not much blogging lately... we've been busy! And I've been doing mini-updates of our adventures on Twitter.

Last weekend we took a trip to Des Moines for a visit. On Friday, Lachlan took his first trip to the zoo. He was definitely interested in some of the animals, especially the goats and llamas that you can get so close to in the petting zoo. I think his favorite part was being able to walk and walk and walk on all the paths. We bought a family memebership, so I'm looking forward to many more visits. More zoo photos are on Flickr.

We also went to a concert in the East Village. It was a blues band out on the street and Lachlan was not interested in sitting back with the rest of the audience to listen. Nope, he walked right up to the stage, danced and clapped - even tried to get onto the stage. Luckily the lead singer thought it was pretty cute and she even gave him a tambourine to play!

We had a BBQ, visited with L's aunt Bethany & uncle Zach. Went shopping, took naps, and met Uncle Thor's new Sheltie puppies. We almost adopted a pair of 3 yr. old labradors in need of a home! Luckily, they had already found a new home. We staked out on the back porch to get a sighting of the mysterious creature that lives behind my parents' house. On Sunday, we stopped by a high school graduation party for my cousin, Joel. It was one of those weekends that you have to rest and recover afterwards.

This week we're still working on sorting and getting things ready for the garage sale next weekend - Friday & Saturday the 19th & 20th - stop by if you're around. Also trying to take advantage of the rain-free days to work in the garden and transplant plants around the yard. We're having a big landscaping project in our front yard this month, so there's a little prep work for that. Lachlan is finally getting comfortable with walking in the grass, so it is easier to have him outside with me.

I have several sewing projects that I am itching to work on, but between yardwork and housework, it just isn't happening. I'll have to make some time soon so I have more crafty photos to share. Ok, blah blah blah! Be back soon :)

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