Tuesday, June 23, 2009

weekend roundup

Well, we've been quite busy around here. Bill has been away on a fishing trip with the guys in his family and we had a visit from my mom for the weekend. The garage sale went pretty well - the highlight was watching Lachlan greet and follow around the shoppers. It's always good to clear some stuff out, and in my case it motivated me to clean up and organize our garage, which was a much needed chore.

We ate out on the patio at Atlas on Saturday night, had Wig and Pen pizza Sunday night, and gobbled up cupcakes with homemade raspberry buttercream frosting all weekend. Mom and I watch Baby Mama and Waitress, both of which we highly recommend. I finished sewing Helen's birthday banner (photos to come soon) and even made a little bag for it to live in when her family is not using it.

Also, I upgraded to the new iPhone 3GS! Oh so exciting to be able to take little video snippets and the camera quality is excellent. It ended up being great timing because... I dropped my original iPhone in the baby pool last week while L and I were there. Technically, he pulled it in, along with my shirt that it was lying on. OOPs! Fancy phones + water is never a good thing.

We've been spending lots of time outside. Although it is TOO hot to be out this afternoon, L just loves to be out wandering and digging. I used part of my garage sale earnings to buy a little water table for him, so I think that will be a big hit this summer!

I'm excited that Wendy is blogging again. Check out the beautiful photos her sister-in-law took of Wendy and her husband, Jeremy!

Ok, off to accomplish a few things before naptime is over.

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