Thursday, June 04, 2009

So I've been trying to be diligent about watering and weeding and taking care of the garden. But I must admit, some days I need a little motivation to get out there. I decided I need a little "garden journal" to make notes about when I planted things, how long they should grow, and little tips I pick up along my gardening adventure. Maybe even a few sketches, if I can make time for that.

I love that I can go to Etsy, type in "garden journal" and come up with such lovely things as





and this! (I snatched up this one)

Love you forever, Etsy!

Anyway, I should have researched what I was planting a little more (duh) but Wendy filled me in on the fact that watermelons like sandy soil. We have wonderful rich, black soil, but not sandy. Sure enough, nothing is happening in that little section of the garden. So tonight after Lachlan went to bed (very nice that it is still light out after that!) I went out and dug up that section of the garden, separated it into two sections, and planted onions and beets. Did I research either of those before I planted them? Um, no. I guess this is "trial and error" gardening. Why beets? I really have no idea. Not sure I've even ever eaten beets. But there are a few recipes I'd like to try in Deceptively Delicious that use them, so why not!

This is a shot of a nest in a tree behind our house - I climbed up on a ladder to get it and everything! Not sure what kind of birds, but soon enough there will be little noisy birdies! Hope you all have a great weekend. We're looking forward to adventures in Des Moines!

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