Tuesday, October 13, 2009

gloves + pumpkins

I got my new fingerless hand-knit gloves today. They are from ChristineKnit's Etsy store. I love the feeling of wearing something cozy and handmade. These are very nice, maybe a little on the big side for my hands, but if I need to, I could layer some stretchy gloves underneath. Perfect for navigating the iPhone on the go, too.
I love the color, look at how they match the leaves from our little Maple tree!
This afternoon was actually sunny and not *too* cold, so Lachlan and I lined up all the pumpkins that I grew in the garden this summer for photos. There are 3 more still not quite ripe in the garden, and we lost a rotten one. I think 8 is a pretty successful harvest and they will definitely work great for jack-o-lanterns.
I was hoping for some photos of L with the pumpkins, like last year, but this was the best I could get. Still pretty cute, eh? He definitely has his own plans lately.

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  1. Love the fingerless gloves. I knitted some last year (not that cute). I may try again this year. Your pumpkin crop is great.