Monday, October 12, 2009

Preucil Art Show

This is the third year that the Englert gallery has hosted an exhibit of artwork by our Preucil preschoolers. Helen, our art teacher, collects artwork throughout the school year and summer and curates a great representation of all the great work our kiddos create.
This year I had the pleasure of helping hang the show and it was fun to decide which paintings to hang together, and how to group all the sculptures. There is a wall of sculptures on pedestals that is really excellent.
My class made this dinosaur table over the summer - and it has been a "home" for our classroom dinosaurs ever since. I love that Helen made a board of photos of the class working on it, and the painting behind is "the inside of a volcano".
One thing that Helen did this year was make groups of paintings that had something in common. My favorite is this grouping of three cakes. All so cake-like, but all so different from each other.
We had an opening for the show on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday night while Bill and my dad were at the Hawk game, mom and I made chocolate covered pretzels to bring to the opening for treats.
It was a great turn-out for the opening. It is very special to see the kids showing off their artwork to their families and admiring everyone's work. It makes the work seem even more wonderful when it is framed and displayed so nicely. But really, it comes down to the creativity of the kids and the great variety of work that Helen was able to collect. You should check it out if you are in the Iowa City area. It will be up through the rest of October, and I think the gallery is open in the afternoons.

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  1. yea!!! It looks great! I will check it out when I see the Avett Brothers at the Englert next Tuesday. You will draw a large crowd that night!