Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Here's our little cow, getting ready for trick or treating! I've been working on his costume this week - it was very simple. I started with black sweatpants and a white shirt, and hand-sewed black felt shapes onto the shirt (next time I would probably wise up and iron them on). Then I made a simple white fleece hat and sewed spots on it as well. The ears and tail were also made with the fleece and the horns I made out of felt. I think I will keep making his costumes until he tells me he doesn't want me to anymore! It's fun!
Many of you probably know that we have cows for neighbors, and it is a daily activity for us to head over to the fence and look for the cows. That is why I decided Lachlan would enjoy dressing as a cow for Halloween. In the photo above he was doing his hand motion for "where" are the cows?
At dusk we loaded up Mr. Cow in the wagon with his pumpkin and met up with our neighbors, who have a little boy about Lachlan's age. We wandered our street together, followed by a friendly neighborhood cat.
Lachlan went right up to the doors and knocked - not quite ready to say "trick or treat" yet, but he did reach into all the treat bowls and put the treats into his pumpkin. He also quickly discovered that he was collecting something yummy - he probably ate 3 or 4 little bags of M&M's as he rode in the wagon.
We were lucky, the weather was cool but not freezing, and it was a nice clear night. We think our boy did a great job for his first trick-or-treating adventure. Fun was had by all! Happy Halloween!


  1. Thanks for sharing. This was very nice. Looks like you had fun!

  2. Kirsten! What a beautiful little cow!

    I'm on Facebook and would love to catch up sometime.

    Take care,
    -Erin Walsh