Monday, July 25, 2011

L's first preschool experience

Lachlan and I finished our summer session at Preucil Preschool last week. I taught the 2 Day class, and L attended two days a week in the 5 day classroom with his teachers Tricia and Julie.
Preucil has two classrooms that are joined in the center with a communal art room. I am so thankful it worked out for L to be in the other classroom. I think it is better for him to have his own space and someone other than mom in charge. The first couple days he kept poking his head in and asking to be in my classroom. I realized that he mostly wanted to play with the toys in our room (as opposed to really missing me) so I made sure he had time to play in my classroom before school started.
As expected, he was very comfortable and happy to be at school. Also as expected, he gravitated towards the older boys in the class - a couple who are headed off to kindergarten in August and Helen's visiting son who is in elementary school - and wanted to play whatever they were playing.
He built blocks and made a painting almost every day. He also loved the half hour music class and Helen's theater class after lunch. He's been belting out songs from both every day.
I admit it did take a little more energy than I expected to be the "mom" and the "teacher" at the same time. It also stressed me out that he is still fighting potty training (especially #2) so I had to resist checking up on him every 10 minutes. At the same time, I am so lucky that I get to watch him experience all the social, cognitive, and creative firsts he will have at preschool.
He's looking so grown up, isn't he?

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  1. He does look so grown up! What a wonderful experience for the both of you! As my baby turns 18 in a few days I will admit it all goes way to fast! Enjoy every moment!