Sunday, February 12, 2006

Book Sketches

So, I actually have lots to blog about lately, but haven't had a chance to do it. I taught my first scrapbooking class on Tuesday, which was a fun adventure. And I've been working on assignments for my book arts class and swaps for this month's mail art projects. Friday afternoon Wendy taught me how to screen print and I'm addicted! Last night Bill took me to a hockey game for a Valentine's gift, and we had a blast - and took some fun pictures. Plus, I still have to share the painting that I'm giving him on Tuesday! Anyway, I'll have to stick to one topic for tonight since I have to get to bed soon!

For my class, we have to make "book sketches" that are supposed to be quick little books in response to a theme she gives us. I made two today since I had to miss class last Tuesday (to teach the aforementioned scrapbooking class).

For this one, we were supposed to take something large and cut it into pieces to be reconstructed into a book. I choose a Van Gogh print from last year's Impressionist calendar. The pages are all different heights, and at the end of the book is a small but complete version of the painting (from the back of the calendar). I'm too tired to go into detail about how I put it together, but if anyone wants to know, I could at another time. Each page has one line from a 6 line Van Gogh quote.

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  1. Of course I want to know about the actual structure. You know, when you get a minute.