Sunday, February 12, 2006

Seasons Book Sketch

The other book sketch assignment was to write 4 stanzas of poetry - one for each season, and then use those stanzas to create a book, using whatever imagery we wanted to. This was kinda scary for me, since I never write poetry, but I guess they turned out alright.
The concept is basically that there is a symbol to represent each season, and you get a little peek of the colors of the next season through the cutout. Also, there are no front or back covers, so you can continue the process over and over (just like the seasons!).
The pages are made with 2 ply matboard. I cut out a shape from each page with an x-acto knife. The poetry parts are writtten with watercolor pencils on watercolor paper and watercolor backgrounds.
Whoops! I guess I scanned that one wrong. I'll fix it tomorrow - but you get the idea. I haven't bound them together yet, but I'm planning to punch holes and use metal jump rings along the left edge, to make it easy to flip.

1 comment:

  1. I'd freak out if I had to write my own text. Prose or poetry.

    I really love the concept here, especially the fact that you can see hints of the next season on each page and the circular construction.

    If you ever wanted to do something more elaborate with this concept, you could try a circle/star accordion structure.