Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I had my Artists' Books class tonight and I turned in my first big assignment. It was to create a "stiff leaf" structure, and I used 2-ply mat board as the pages. I took this opportunity to create a book to house the 20 prints that I received from Nicci's Fine Art Valentine swap. I'm happy with how it turned out. The pages when open (of course I forgot to take any pictures) look like mini gallery spaces for each print. The construction isn't perfect - I didn't leave enough room in the binding and it splays open because of the combined thickness of all the prints. But, overall I'm happy with it and it was well-received at class. It was hard to relinquish it to my professor for grading because I've been working on it for a couple weeks and carrying it around for the past few days.

One cool thing is that our professor is going to put our books on display at a gallery walk downtown March 3rd. Apparently work from this class is part of the display at one of my favorite stationary stores every year.

Oh, and I have a cold & sore throat. Shoot. I thought I was going to make it until spring...


  1. I hope that you'll post scans of the book open after it's returned to you.

    I always find the engineering bit of bookbinding the most difficult. I swear, bookbinding and design is like being an engineer without the prestige.

  2. Love these! Great colours!