Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to you...

Bethany and Thor - who turned 18 and 25 respectively on Thursday. Since I finished all my grades (early for once!) and we had a day off from school on Friday, I drove over to Des Moines to help Bethany celebrate her birthday with a dinner at Taki at a cooking table. When we got home I gave her the mini-book I made to house pictures from her 18th year.

Friday I got to hang out at my mom's preschool with all the little ones. They're so hilarious. In the afternoon we relaxed at home and then went shopping before going to see Stranger Than Fiction, which I highly recommend. It was great - a sweet, funny, thought-provoking, unique movie.

Saturday I roamed around the East Village neighborhood with mom and Bethany. We visited a few of my favorite places including Gong Fu Tea and the Sticks gallery. All in all, an excellent weekend!


  1. bethany1:00 PM

    jennifer LOVES the book you made me
    she wants one.

  2. This mini book is STUNNING! And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice certainly made my day brighter!

  3. You know that your work is awesome, yes? Well, it is.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Stranger than Fiction soon. I wanted it to be good and it sounds as though it is. Yeah!