Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Week in Review

Man, these weeks are flying by. Since I wrote last we drove to Des Moines to celebrate Thanksgiving. Dinner was at my Aunt Jane's house, and we got to meet her new puppy, Pedro. Hilariously ridiculous-looking. Then we drove back Thursday evening to eat with Bill's family (two turkey dinners in one day...mmmm....) Friday I worked the crazy day-after-thanksgiving sale at Reminisce and picked up supplies to make Christmas cards. I finished making 12 Friday night and should finish up the rest this weekend.
Saturday it was back to Reminisce, and then home to put up the tree and decorate it while Bill and I watched X-men 3 - a pretty entertaining action flick. Sunday we went house-hunting, which has been our Sunday afternoon past-time for the past couple months and we found a house we love and will be making an offer on it this week. So exciting! *fingers crossed*
My mom made this stocking for me the year I was born. Craftiness runs in the family!

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  1. That stocking is soooo sweet! You're very lucky to have it.