Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not much to report since last week. I've been laying low and feeling very uncreative because I have some kind of head cold/virus that has knocked me on my butt for the past 6 days. I did manage to stamp some wrapping paper. My 3rd graders are stamping patterns with handmade stamps made from modeling clay, so I took the inspiration from that and made my own.

Here's a few things I've been enjoying this week:
"Turkeys in disguise" by our kindergarteners (I had nothing to do with these - they took them home to work on them, but they're just so dang cute!)
This layout by Elsie - I will definitely have to lift this idea for one of my own.
This tradition from Andrea's family. How incredibly sweet and fun!
This mini-book from Two Peas - Bill's birthday is coming up next week, I think this would make a meaningful gift that's not *too* cutesy scrapbooky. I love her style.

The good news is that school is out until next Monday, so I will be able to rest a little, visit family for Thanksgiving, and put in some quality hours at Reminisce for the after-Thanksgiving shopping madness. And time to get that holiday crafting in gear!

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