Monday, August 11, 2008

back from the Fair

Recovering from our Fair weekend here - baby L had an exciting time taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, so he's pretty tired today. My sister and brother are busy working the Fair every day, just like I did in high school. Bethany is showcasing the new "Salad on a Stick" in the photo below. You know that everything is on a stick there, right? She says that people have been coming up to the Salad Bowl counter and asking to take a photo with one. That's right, they want to hold it and take a photo, but then give it back. That seems hygenic, right?

Bill and I went Saturday night while Grandma & Grandpa A. babysat. We rode the Ye Olde Mill (see blurry self-portrait above) and the Sky Glider (although we were both pretty nervous way up above the trees - decided it was the new parent factor). Then we took Lachlan back on Sunday and saw all the annual sights - butter cow (and butter gymnast, Shawn Johnson), the big boar (extra big this year), the Avenue of Breeds, and lots of people watching - and ate our long list of food must-haves. Mmmm...

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  1. cindyn8:07 AM

    We're heading out tomorrow. Jim loves the fair. I just enjoy an afternoon watching him enjoy. And I want a corn dog. That's my only fair requirement! Cute picture of Bethany!