Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Picking peaches from our peach tree today - does anyone have a must-
try peach recipe for me?


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I don't have any recipes, but whenever someone mentions peaches...all I can think about is cobbler and/or homemade jam!

  2. cindy8:15 PM

    I'm so jealous!! We used to have a peach tree, but it developed a disease and we had to take it out. I used to make pies-yum! Betty Crocker has the best crust recipe. If you can't find one, I'll give you mine.

  3. i don't have any recipes... (lovely husband jeff is the cook in our house!) ...but...all summer long we have been GRILLING peaches and they are *unbelievably* magnificent: juicy, sweet, just slightly carmelized on the top from the natural sugar! YUUMMMMMM! (this is also great if you have a few which are hard or under-ripe...they come out DEEEEEEE-licious!)