Saturday, December 13, 2008


I think baking (and tasting) is one of the best things about Christmastime. I volunteered myself to bring dessert to my inlaws' holiday party tonight, it was a good excuse to try some new recipes. I made Elise's yummy peppermint cookies and I tried some of the Real Simple "bake ahead" cookies. That means that I made the dough/batter earlier this week and froze it until this morning when I had time to bake them all. Very easy and helpful. Here are the yummy links for you -

Peppermint cookies (be careful though, I burned my finger on some molten-hot melted peppermint!)
Lemon Glazed cookies
Ginger Chocolate Chip bars
Pecan Snowballs
I haven't tried these yet, but I hope to sometime soon - Raspberry Pinwheels
And of course, Lachlan was his charming self, hanging out in the high chair and chatting with me while I baked (ok, he did do a little napping, too). Have a good weekend!


  1. It was fun spending time with you and Lachlan yesterday! I will post his picture later-too cute not to:)
    I want to try the recipes from Real Simple, too. How were the lemon ones? I love anything lemon!

  2. lovely shirt!
    we have the same one here, heehheee :)