Saturday, December 06, 2008

So glad that the weekend is here! Not sure if it was the preschoolers being all cooped up with the cold weather, or my lack of sleep for a few nights in a row due to L's teething, but I was definitely ready for some downtime.

I always thought that these tag blankets were a little bit silly - until I noticed that Lachlan looks for the tag on almost every toy and starts playing with it/sucking on it - so I decided to make one for him, and another for a new baby gift. They were so much fun to make that I whipped up a few to take to Home Ec Workshop to sell - so if you need a Christmas gift for a baby check them out, or let me know.

Speaking of Home Ec & Christmas shopping, they are having a Handmade Gift Sale today and tomorrow (10-5 today, noon-5 Sunday). You should check it out! Wendy and I are headed over there this morning, and I can't wait to see what they've put together. I know that lots of other shops down in that neighborhood are also having holiday events and free gifts, so avoid the mall and find some unique gifts!


  1. Stopped by Home Ec, saw your blankies... There actually wasn't very much stuff there... and there was a knitting group going on at the time which made it a little hard to get around... they do have super cute fabric there though. :)

  2. I was with Deb...the blankies were super cute. I especially loved the one with elephants. Very good idea!!

  3. Hi! Could you post another picture, maybe of the blankie? I am not so fortunate to live in IC... They look cute but I am hvaing a hard time visualizing :)