Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning
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We had a such a lovely Christmas this year. My family was able to make it to our house on Christmas eve in spite of the yucky weather. We had dinner at our house along with Bill's parents and then went to the candlelight Christmas Eve church service. Lachlan fell asleep in my arms while the congregation was singing Silent Night and holding their candles. It was beautiful. Unfortunately he was running a fever Thursday and Friday, so he wasn't quite himself, but he was a trooper, especially with the help of all his extended family being around for entertainment.

Christmas morning we opened gifts and had a late brunch, then relaxed, played games and had chili for dinner. Lachlan wasn't terribly interested in opening the gifts, but once we helped him get them open, there were lots of favorites: big box of blocks from nana & pop po, a drivable roadster from ma & papa, new playdough & tools, Yo Gabba Gabba figurines, bath toys, and books, a tool box with wooden hammers and screws, and a photo album with photos of family and friends. He's going to be a busy boy with all these new things in the house!

Bill and I got some great gifts, too - Seinfeld Monopoly, the Planet Earth dvds, the new Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, and I got a couple books from my wishlist. We're all spoiled!

The best part of Christmas was having our family with us and being able to celebrate while staying cozy at home. Hope you had a great week, too.

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas...and so much more excitement for you in the new year :) !!