Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I'm ready for Christmas spirit, music, and decorating! We put up our trees over the weekend and Lachlan helped decorate. It was so cute, he loved unpacking the boxes, and even tried to put the bubble wrap and tissue paper on the tree!

Here are some photos of our decorations:
Tree #1 has a black, silver and red theme and also features Lachlan's new ornament for this year - Santa Mickey!

Tree #2 has all the handmade ornaments I've collected, and lots of my childhood ornaments and other family ornaments.

Our little kitchen Nativity scene.
My new baby Christmas cactus.
Some festive star/snowflake lights and the Christmas card box I made a few years ago.
Mr. Moose and a little berry bush.

And finally, our GIANT wreath! I noticed last year that this was buried way back in our basement, left for us (or forgotten?) by the previous owners. So we pulled it out this year, cleaned it up, and I wrapped it with ribbon and tied on a bow. A big nail was already in the stone, so we just had to climb up the ladder and hook it on!

I'm happy to have so much decorating done, but I still have a couple ideas for homemade decorations I'd like to make. First, a garland for above our kitchen windows, and a Christmas wreath to hang in the bathroom.

We'll see - even though I have most of my shopping done, there are still cards to make and send and lots of handmade Christmas gifts to start and finish! Good luck with your holiday projects!

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