Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DIY wreaths

Now that I've given away 7 of these wreaths (I kept one to decorate our home) as gifts, I can share with you! I was quite inspired by all the fun wreaths that I saw on blogs this season, so I decided to buy a few to make as gifts. I ended up buying a few big straw wreaths, and also a few smaller foam wreaths. The foam ones were more expensive, but easier to work with because the straw ones kept shedding. I ended up wrapping those with scrap fabric first to keep the straw in.
I bought lovely Christmas fabric by Alexander Henry and red wool felt at Home Ec Workshop and cut it into lots and lots of little strips, ranging from 1"-3" x 9". Then I wrapped the strips around the wreath, hot glued them in place on the back, and pushed in a straight pin for extra stability. I also added some decorative pins along the outside edges, and tied a bow on top, and a loop of thread on the back for hanging.
Ok, off to finish off some last minute handmade gifts and wrapping before my family arrives! Good luck with your holiday prep work!

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