Friday, December 18, 2009

yay for Friday!

Well, yesterday afternoon was a little bit annoying. First, I took off Sadie's Invisible Fence collar while she was sitting next to me on the couch because she was scratching at it. Then she proceeded to chew the clasp to bits while I thought she was peacefully chewing on her bone.

Not long after that, Lachlan spotted my little camera memory card sitting next to the laptop and picked it up and pushed it into the laptop's cd drive. Seemed like a good idea, eh? And just as I was getting ready to burn cds of photos for my preschoolers before our holiday break :(

Both things were especially irritating because they were really my fault for leaving things sitting around. Luckily it all got worked out today - Invisible Fence is putting a new collar in the mail that will hopefully arrive tomorrow and I took my laptop to Technology Associates in downtown Iowa City and he quickly retrieved the card and didn't even charge me for his time!
It was certainly a more cheerful day all around. My Preucil secret Santa left me a present this morning and it tempted me all through the school day. It turns out that Jamie was my santa and she got me some super fun vintage fabric (I love the boats and teepees the best) and great colorful mittens.
As is the tradition at Preucil, we baked & decorated gingerbread cookies with the kids, and made one large gingerbread boy. He went into the oven while my class went to music, and escaped from the oven when Tricia put her class' gingerbread boy in to bake! I was a little worried because my class seemed pretty skeptical about the gingerbread boy before they left for music ("he's not strong enough to open the doors and run away") but when they heard the story of the escape and found a trail of crumbs outside on the sidewalk, they were all believers again. :)

Now I have a two week break from teaching and I'm looking forward to spending next week finishing up handmade gifts, wrapping presents, and spending lots of time with friends and family. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE the new blog header! Awesome photo. :D I love the gingerbread boy story too, so cute! Be sure to check and see if we can squeeze in a game night sometime, it would be fun (probably easiest between Christmas and New Years!) and that way I don't have to go 2 weeks without seeing L!

  2. Love,love,love the new banner header!!

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