Thursday, February 04, 2010

10 things I love right now

1.Pandora - free radio that I can customize to whatever I am in the mood for? And hear new music and listen to what my friends are listening to? Yes, please! Can't believe it took me so long to try it!
2. Tumblr - as if I need another website to post things to and suck up my time. But... the way I see Tumblr is between a blog and posting Twitter updates. I'm going to use it as a place to collect all the links and photos I love, and see how it goes.
3. this alphabet embroidery pattern set - I just love her animal designs. I don't know what I would do with them all, but it would be adorable!
4. crochet food - I'm having so much fun making food from the patterns in my Tasty Crochet book. They're relatively easy and quick to crochet. And SO cute, don't you think?

5. Valentine love - the internet is fulll of hearts and crafty valentine projects right now. It's so lovely and I made a couple heart decorations of my own for our home. Will share those soon! (photo via Ohdeeoh)
6. baking - I always love to bake, but it seems like pregnancy has made me even more eager to do so. In the past week, I've made Pear Bread (pictured above by Smitten Kitchen), pumpkin bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Helps me pacify my sweet tooth a bit. Also, I have a great helper.
7. new tv - we are major t.v. couch potatoes in the evening after L goes to bed (although I do like to multi-task with crocheting or some other crafty activity) so it's exciting that there's all sorts of fresh t.v. loading up our DVR - Lost (I thought the premiere was just ok, but I'm excited for the final season), Bachelor, Idol, and Project Runway are our current favorites.

8. new music - Pomplamoose, Lisa Hannigan, Norah Jones' newest, Renee and Jeremy's sweet children's music, and I've jumped on the Owl City bandwagon.

9.Prudent Baby blog - just recently added Prudent Baby to my google reader and I love all the DIY projects they have! Simple, cute, and useful. Definitely bookmarking lots of projects I want to try!
10.Becky Higgins' Project Life Kit - I was going to pass on this in favor of making my own 365 scrapbook - but then Deb brought her over and I fell in love with the clean design and organization of it. I'm excited to start putting my January photos into it this weekend!

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  1. Woman - you amaze me! Look at all of these things you are doing...and I'm lucky to get myself out of bed in the morning at this stage of pregnancy! I admire you and hope to someday be able to keep up with your productivity! K