Wednesday, February 17, 2010

weekend getaway

This past weekend we took a trip to Florida to visit Bill's parents, who've been renting a condo by the beach. We knew it was going to be a quick trip to Florida, but it seemed even shorter when we had to contend with lots of flight cancellations and delays on the way down and back. It felt even shorter to me, since I was in bed with a stomach bug all day Sunday. ugh.
But seeing the beach and digging in the sand made it all worth it. Although it was too chilly for swimming - mid 50's most of the time - Lachlan loved digging and checking out the beach. He kept saying "beach" and didn't want to come inside.
Check out this awesome collection of beach treasures that my inlaws had on their porch.
We also got to visit a great art festival where I saw some unique and inspiring art techniques, bought a few baby & toddler goodies, and even ran into my sister-in-law's dad & stepmom (they're artists)!
So, although it was not the smoothest trip ever, we did come back with some great memories and got to escape the ice and snow for a few days!

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  1. GREAT photos Kirsten!! I am sorry to hear you weren't feeling well!