Thursday, February 18, 2010

a new collection

I've started a small collection of clothes for our baby girl, due to make her appearance in June. I loved shopping for baby L, but of course shopping for girly things is irresistible. I bought a couple things right after we found out she's a girl, and I've picked up a few things from sale racks. The hand-knit hats, cream sweater, and the little frog onesie are souvenirs from our trip to Florida. It's very fun to think about dressing our little girl in all these sweet things! I'm sure my collection will grow before she arrives!


  1. Ohhh how very sweet!! Girls are so fun to shop for!!

  2. I don't have a boy, but I do know how fun it is shopping for a girl! I'm not 'girly' at all and never though I'd care, but there are just so many fun options for girls! :)

  3. Baby baby ... yum!