Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Favorites

Favorite Instagram photo from this week:

Favorite treat on the run:

The Bean Shack. Sometimes a mocha with whipped cream is just what the dr. ordered. Love how convenient this drive-through spot is, they're very friendly and make a great cup!

Favorite meal this week:
At Baroncini's. Fancy schmancy and delicious. Highly recommended.

Favorite Inspiration:
Ali Edwards weekly newsletter, "52 Creative Lifts". I know, I mention her all the time on my blog. She's a scrapbooking superstar! But her newsletter is inspiring for all kinds of creative types. I enjoyed all the links she provided this week. If you have some time to get lost in the internet this weekend, check it out.

Favorite Pin:
I've been collecting glass jars for awhile now, and I think I may have found the project I want to use them for...

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