Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Favorites

Favorite Instagram from this week:

Favorite pin from this week: Had to go with the watermelon death star in honor of the Star Wars re-release today. Looking forward to seeing them all with Lachlan in the theater!

Favorite recipe I tried this week: Salmon and Brussels Sprouts with Ginger-Scallion Sauce
Sounds fancy, but it was very easy to prepare! A great weeknight dinner, and my family even ate and enjoyed it (score!). The Dinner, A Love Story blog is one of my new favorites.

Favorite way to relax this week: I have been so sick this week with some yucky virus, and the kids have been sick, too. We haven't left the house much and I've been taking downtime when I can get it. I started watching Downton Abbey and I love it! Definitely lives up to the hype. I also have a couple embroidery projects in the works. It makes me feel like I'm "getting something done" when I don't have the energy to tackle anything else on the to-do list. Hoping for a full recovery this weekend so we can get back to life as usual!

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