Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chalk the Walk

Here are some of my favorite photos from yesterday's adventure in chalk painting with Wendy. The weather was SO beautiful and it was a little easier to work with the chalks and the surface than I had anticipated, and our design looks terriffic translated so large, and it was fun to meet all the artists and visitors. How's *that* for a run-on sentence!

Here I am drawing out some of the design, after we had put down a chalk grid to transfer our drawing to the larger scale.

Our fancy chalks. Yum.

Visitors working on the giant Grant Wood "Stone City" reproduction. New people start working on squares on the hour - they're photographing it from the roof every hour. Should be really neat!

Wendy's shoes. Hee hee!

Portrait by the visiting artist from California. The skin tones are incredible!

Our neighbor, Cassidy, did a portrait of Frida Kahlo (yeah!) and she's a recent Luther grad, like me, and she knows my brother, Thor (she was roomates with one of his ex-girlfriends). Small world!

Our spot at the end of Saturday. I was trying to hold up the camera to get it all. Not the best picture.

Anyway, this morning I'm awake and ready to get to work again (we're probably about 2/3 done already) but I'm incredibly sore. My whole body hurts. whoa. Legs from squatting, and back and neck from bending over our piece. Plus my hands are a little weary. I'm going to call in sick tomorrow to school. First of all, by then, I'll probably be so sore it will be tough to move, but also I need a day to finish up all my classwork for my artist's books class and get caught up on mail art projects and other things on my massive to do list. It will be a mental health day, really. I think I deserve one pseudo-sickday - I work hard all year (even if there are only a few weeks left of school).

Will post more pictures after today. AND I got my first non-RR deco homer back yesterday, and it is AWESOME, so a post coming on that as soon as I scan pages.

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  1. Pretty amazing work! Sounds like you'll be ready for a really long hot soak in the tub by the end of the weekend.