Wednesday, April 23, 2008

40 weeks 5 days

So... I've gathered that you all are checking up on me here, so I thought I would try to keep updating. Still pregnant! LOL! I had lots of sweet people checking in on me today. I can't say that I feel any closer to labor & delivery, but from what I hear it can come on quite suddenly. :)

Today I finally finished up the last piece of decoration for the nursery - which is this window frame. I painted the scene on watercolor paper - it was inspired by the farm-themed crib bedding - then mounted the painted pieces behind the glass. I think it is pretty fun!


  1. Elizabeth Smith9:44 PM

    Oooh I love the farm window - you are so creative! Glad to hear you're still feeling pretty comfortable - and yes, I think we're ALL checking the Kirsten blog twice a day for updates haha. I think Deb expects you to have your laptop in the delivery room so you can post from the hospital ;) I fully support this idea!

  2. Haha... If Lindsay is following this she is probably pretty happy she was far away from us crazy girls when she had her baby... :) You probably want to have him just so we will leave you alone! :) But thanks for the updates... You should take more pics of the whole nursery, unless you are waiting to reveal it with the little cutie in it.