Monday, April 14, 2008

We had such a nice weekend - my mom and dad came over Saturday for lunch and stayed to help with some little projects around the house, including hanging all these shelves above my art desk. I love the new set-up! Notice I'm not showing you any other part of the room, which is a bit of a disaster area right now. Trying to reorganize and clear out what I don't use anymore.

Then Bill's parents came over yesterday with our nephew for some thrilling games of "Hungry Hungry Hippos" and they helped put together the stroller and swing for baby. We also got to meet my brother's fiance for the first time as they were passing through town. Busy times, but it felt good to put a few more things in order.
One of the last touches I wanted to add in the nursery were decorative curtains. I finally got the panels and ties all sewn up. Tonight I finished sewing the last of the ties while I listened to It's a Big World, a great album of lullabies that Deb just gave me. I love their style and the lyrics are so sweet. Thanks Deb!!


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    love your art desk area! i have the same ikea spice jars - they're the best! beautiful job with the curtains! Totally random: Just found out that your father-in-law is a good business friend of my dad, Mike Rosenberg - throw the name out there next time you see him! My dad is a big fan of his! :)

  2. Your brother is getting married? That's great! Congrats on the curtains, they turned out fabulous! I love the ties at the top. Your new shelves fit so perfect, like they were meant to be there!