Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Handmade gifts

The baby has already received so many wonderful and generous gifts already... I thought I would show off some of the fun handmade gifts that we're looking forward to using.

Rachel picked out this Itti Biti set for us. I love the sock monkey print and the idea of the little "ouchi" pack that can be used hot or cold. They are made locally (in North Liberty) by a mom and daughter.
Then Wendy found the Zadyball on Etsy and I think baby will love it - here's what the Etsy site says - "What is a Zadyball™?
A Zadyball™ is designed first of all with babies in mind. They are soft to hold and cuddle, and have lots of strings to grab and rub. Lots of babies have a “lovey” and many times the item they pick has something for them to rub – whether it’s the corner of a blanket or the nose on a teddy bear. The knotted ends of the strings are great to fulfill baby’s need for something to rub!"
Then, a few days ago, these gorgeous handmade fabric blocks appeared in our mailbox from Meredith via Sister Sue Designs on Etsy. Oooh, this shop has lots more goodies to check out, too.
Finally, here is a screenprinted onesie from the White Rabbit in Iowa City. I love this camera design and she makes so many great prints, it was hard to choose just one.


  1. Ok, so what is that cute little first picture for? A little heat/ice pack?

    I love to check out you and Wendy's blogs... the little kitties are to die for. We hope to make it to her house to see them soon.

  2. Since you are an avid Mac person, do you know how to upload videos from a digital camera onto a mac?
    I love those blocks on your page!