Monday, January 05, 2009

Crafty to-do's for the New Year

It wouldn't be a new year here without a list of things I'd like to make, would it?

Here's my current list, perhaps in the order I would like to complete them in:

1. mat for under the high chair made of lovely oilcloth I bought at Home Ec. Already have all the supplies for this, just need to line up the two layers + binding and sew 'er up.

2. glasses chain for my Grandma made with paper beads. I made her one a couple months ago, but I used lots of glass beads and she said it was pretty heavy, so I want to make a lightweight version.

3. Some cute and oh-so-useful door snakes to keep out the drafts in a few spots around our house.

4. Finish my garland so that it will be ready for the tree next year! First, try to measure out a length of string the length of the garland so I can estimate how many of these little circles (pictured above) I'll have to sew.

5. Oh, I almost forgot. Love this idea to make crate covers, I'd like to make one to hold our mittens, hats etc. by the door and one for preschool to keep the library books in a special spot.

That's probably a good start, but I'd also like to make an advent calendar for next year (something like this - isn't that the sweetest??) and a birthday garland (like this? maybe triangles) to use again and again.

So much handmade inspiration on my Google Reader and elsewhere on the internet. Seriously, have you checked out Etsy lately?

I'm also SO tempted to join in on this swap, but I think I'll use some self-restraint for now and maybe use that time to work out *gasp* instead. Hope your 2009 is starting off great!


  1. that Advent calendar is REALLY cute!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm going to have to try those crate covers. Great ideas Kirsten!! Happy 09 :)