Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope you're all ringing in the New Year in whatever way makes you happy. I was certainly sound asleep at midnight last night, which suited me just fine! Today we had Bill's family over for brunch and to watch the bowl game (Go Hawks!) and play Wii (that was the big Christmas gift for us - anyone have Wii Fit reviews? I'm thinking that would be a good plan for getting some exercise in).

I made this mosaic by choosing a favorite photo from each of my monthly Project 365 folders. It was hard to choose and I could probably go back now and choose all different favs, but these are definitely good ones. Yesterday I had no plans to start the daily photo project again, but after looking back at our year this way, I think I will have to try it again. It's such a fun record. This year I think I will incorporate some weekly themes to make it more motivating for me. I want to figure out how to do bokeh with my camera and join in on HBW. Love the idea of photographing the sky or a tree throughout the year to show the seasons changing, or my feet wherever I am going (like this guy), also trying to do a self-portrait once a week. We'll see. Should be fun.


  1. I have Wii fit, you could borrow it for awhile if you really wanna try it before buying.(I could bring it before we go to FL if you want) It is fun, but as with all exercise things I find myself going through phases of using it and not using it... It would be a good baby in the house form of exercise though. :) Let me know.

  2. I have been looking for a FLIKR group like this Kirsten. Thanks for the heads up! I love your playroom for Lachlan and the robot picture is awesome. He is going to love his little space! I can't believe how much he has grown and changed! Isn't it fun!! Don't forget if you ever need a sitter Jenna is 19, has a car, and is very responsible!! :)