Saturday, August 15, 2009

Caeli's wedding shower

Last Sunday Bethany and I threw our soon-to-be sister-in-law, Caeli, a surprise wedding shower at my mom and dad's house in Des Moines. She was a great sport and rolled with the surprise and all the little games and activities we had planned.
First, Caeli read advice cards that each guest had filled out with advice about marriage and relationships. Then we had some food - I made 3 kinds of mini sandwiches and angel food cupcakes. Bethany made fruit kabobs and my mom made some great fresh salsa. I think the mimosas and Bethany's lemon ice mixed drinks were the hit of the shower, though.
The day before the shower I recorded Thor answering questions about himself, Caeli, and their relationship. Then I did a little editing in iMovie and burned it to dvd, and voila - the "How well do Thor and Caeli know each other" game show was born. For every question she matched answers with him, she got a chocolate kiss, and for every one she got wrong, she had to put another piece of gum in her mouth. They had done this game at my wedding shower, it's so funny.
Then everyone had 2 minutes to do a drawing of what Caeli will look like on their wedding day (coming up on September 26th). The catch was you had to draw it while holding the paper on top of your head. Tricky!
She opened gifts, and of course Lachlan thought the party was being thrown in his honor. :)
It was a very fun afternoon. We're looking forward to the wedding!

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  1. Thanks again for all your hard work - the sandwiches were so, so yummy!