Monday, August 17, 2009

A trip to Brookfield Zoo

A week ago, my mom and Lachlan and I packed up and headed out for a short road trip to Chicago. We visited IKEA (love! more on that later) and stayed with great grandma. On Tuesday, the four of us went to Brookfield Zoo for the day. The weather was perfect and Lachlan is just starting to be really interested in animals. He was pointing at the animals and talking about them. Of course, people watching was almost as exciting.
First stop was the carousel. We didn't ride it, but we enjoyed watching all the interesting animals going around and Lachlan was dancing to the music.
We rented a wagon, which worked great for carrying the little guy and our mini-cooler.
My favorite was the giraffes. You could see them from all different angles, and get super close.
The real tigers were napping way back in their area, so this big tiger was quite a bit more exciting.
Lachlan's favorite animal was the sea lion. He kept swimming in circles and coming up for air in the same spot. When we tried to leave, Lachlan used his "more" sign to ask to watch the sea lion more.
By early afternoon, everyone was tuckered out and we dropped great grandma off and headed back to Iowa. It was a quick but fun trip!

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