Sunday, August 30, 2009

meet Sadie

Meet our new baby! This is Sadie, and she came to live with us Thursday night. She is 5 months old and was in need of a good home. Her previous owner didn't think puppy ownership through, and was leaving her on a porch all day with no exercise and attention. As you can imagine, she is full of energy and excitement. She's also doing great with going potty outside and practicing sitting and walking.

Lachlan is very intrigued by the "pup pup" and cautiously walks toward her, but not too close. Sadie is way too excited to be around him off the leash, so we are slowly introducing them to each other. Less enthusiastic is Cleo, who definitely knows something fishy is going on, even though we have kept them separate so far.

We're very excited about this new addition. And... a little nervous since this is our first time training a puppy. Any advice is welcome. She's going to the vet tomorrow to catch up on shots and get examined. We're hoping to find a puppy class for us to attend soon, too.


  1. Yeah!! I love happy endings!! You guys are going to be awesome doggie parents. Congrats to you and to Sadie for finding a new forever home!

  2. She is adorable! My recommendation is to go to "Spot & Co." dog training classes in Iowa City.They are the best! The Animal shelter in Iowa City takes all their pets there as well. We took Violet when we first got her but as you can tell, we thought Dottie was hopeless and never took her. Have fun!

  3. congratulations! she is adorable and you will be awesome together. labs are my favorite:) i recommend lots of chew toys...

  4. oh i love her! She is soo pretty!! congratulations Williamson family!

  5. My advice: puppy training and LOTS of exercise!
    :-) d.

  6. Nice to meet you.

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  7. Do you know the Monks of New Skete, Monks who raise pups. Ya' gotta be the Alpha.

    Love your blog, your photos and style are great.