Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hello, cows!

Last night after I put Lachlan to bed, I headed down to the garden to pick up some tomatoes, zucchini and sunflowers. As I walked back up to the front of the house, I encountered quite a surprise!
If you've been reading since last summer, you know that we have cows for neighbors. Actually, there is a pasture behind us, and we think it is rented out for a herd of cows now and then. Bill and I were just talking about how we haven't seen the cows yet this year. So, I came walking up from the garden and spotted this fellow, right out by the driveway. I whipped out my iPhone and called Bill because he has the number for the cow owner (we had a calf sneak through into our yard and get stuck a couple times last year).
Then while I was talking to him, another cow comes wandering up from the ravine, and another, and another! Until I counted at least six grazing around our yard! I wish I had a photo of more, but when I got closer to take a photo, they got spooked and ran away. And I almost stepped in a cowpie.
Our fence seems to be intact, but I think our neighbors section is where the cows wandered in, first to their yard, then up the hill into our yard. The cow owner came by about a half hour later and herded them into the pasture, but it was sure an exciting way to end the day around here!

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  1. Holy Cow! That is too funny. I am sure the farmer cleaned up after his livestock, right?