Monday, August 24, 2009

visiting the garden

I decided that after neglecting my poor garden the last couple weeks, I should give it a little TLC this afternoon.
On the way to the garden, I stopped to admire our hydrangea bushes. Wow, they are growing like crazy this year!
The sunflowers are getting too tall to stand up, but they're still looking bright and beautiful. Next year I will actually stake them so they don't tip over so soon! I cut some that were done blooming to hang and dry.
I'm surprised that so many pumpkins are ripe and ready to pick already. I wanted to use my pumpkins for our jack-o-lanterns in October, so I've been reading about storing them. Apparently if they cure in the sun for 10 days, then they can be stored in a cool place for a couple months. We'll see!
Mini pumpkins were ready to be picked today, too!
The garden harvest from this afternoon. Notice the little hand reaching up to grab a taste of something.

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