Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my baking helper

Lachlan and I have been doing lots of baking in the last week. It's something that we can do together that doesn't involve me chasing him around the yard or house. He is an excellent helper, especially with dumping ingredients and mixing. He's even good at clean-up. The hardest part is to keep him from tasting *too* much.
Yesterday we made S'mores bars. They are so yummy, but I must warn you that they have to chill in the fridge for 3 hours, so no instant gratification. I tried to cut into ours a little early and it was not workable. I'll probably end up eating the whole pan by myself, so come over and say hi and I'll share them with you!
Hoping to get some Father's Day cards made today. Also hoping for smooth naptime and bedtime routines - L and I had a couple epic battles yesterday. Testing his 2 year old limits and my patience, I guess. And of course, hoping to go into labor if baby is ready. Tomorrow we have our 41 week appointment at the U, which involves an ultrasound and non-stress test to find out how comfy she is in there. :)

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