Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May mosaic and June goal

May 2010
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Here's my latest collection of daily photos. I did miss a day in May, but still feeling pretty good about keeping up with the photo project. I am, however, doing a terrible job keeping up with my Project Life album. I think I just need to spend a few minutes working on it every day, because all the unwritten journaling cards are overwhelming me too much to start right now!

My friend Rachel posted on her blog today a goal for the month of June. She's committing to do something crafty (or another kind of "me" time) for at least 20 minutes per day. I'm going to join in! It shouldn't be too difficult for me to do until baby decides to make her arrival - especially because my nesting instincts seem to be appearing in the form of sewing projects. But after baby arrives, life will certainly be more complicated (and more wonderful, of course!). I want to make sure I keep a few minutes of sanity and creativity for myself even in the midst of figuring out our new routines. I'll probably take a couple days off when I actually give birth. That's about as creative as it gets, after all. Ha!

Today I spent way more than 20 minutes sewing the binding onto a quilt for baby, and I also did a little sewing on the collaborative piece we started at my surprise baby shower. It's looking SUPER cute!

So consider joining us for the month and/or keep up with the daily progress on my Twitter page. Leave a comment here if you are going to join in!


  1. I would love to see this sometime. It really intrigues me.

  2. I'll bet some of your 20min4me times will involve some 20 min nap sessions after baby is here :) still counts!