Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kenley at 10 months

Another fun month with you, Kenley! We took a trip to Decorah for Aunt Bethany’s photography exhibit and you were happy to be passed around and held by all the college girls. We also spent a weekend in Des Moines and you spent lots of time with grandma while I scrapbooked and Lachlan played with papa.

You are cracking us all up with the way you hold things between your feet and play with them. Carissa reports that you hold your bottle in your feet when you drink it. Grandma says you should be in the circus!

Still no progress in the crawling department, since you barely tolerate any time on your tummy. You’re always reaching and moving, so we know you think you have places to go – it won’t be long!

After weeks of bulging right under your gums, your first top tooth popped through today! Now you have 3 teeth and we expect the other top front tooth to make an appearance soon.

You still love all kinds of fruit and vegetable purees, but you have started to eat many other solid foods this month. You gobble up yogurt, pasta, Cheerios, peanut butter toast, and one day even a leftover piece of pizza! You are also starting to sign “more” whenever we’re not feeding you as quickly as you desire!

I’m enjoying watching you become more social. You inspect everyone seriously when you first encounter them, but then you are generous with smiles and snuggles. You’ve also been “singing” when we sing to you and during music class. It is so sweet.


  1. Kenley is so cute and sounds like she is a joy to be around. Wish we weren't so far away. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a doll!! I can't believe how fast time goes by!