Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter prep

Our Easter prep has been pretty low key around here, but we did dye a few hard-boiled eggs earlier this week. Lachlan enjoyed watching the eggs change color, and we even tested a little color theory by dipping one in yellow and blue to make green!
It was also a good excuse to use our little egg slicer before we ate them, which is one of L's favorite things.
Yesterday Lachlan insisted that we make more Easter eggs, this time with red dye (vinegar + warm water + food coloring). We used some of my extra sticker letters to decorate the eggs before we dipped them.
I stitched up a little label for Kenley's Easter basket, inspired by the one I made a couple years ago for Lachlan's basket.
Oh, and the Easter Candy Bark! We made it yesterday, then this morning I cut it up into smallish pieces. I have to admit that I hardly even want to eat it, because it looks like sugar overload. Hopefully I can unload it on my family tomorrow!

Wishing you all happy Easter celebrations!


  1. Try this one on for Easter Egg Size. Hard boil your eggs then crack the shells, just hit'em with a spoon or whatever but leave them mostly intact. Put the egg in a ziplock bag with some food coloring and water and let them sit for about a half hour. While your waiting, be seated and prepare for your mind to be blown. Peel the eggs and drink in their awesomeness.

  2. Looks like fun! I sure do miss those days!! :)